Build a Carmel Based Virtual Restaurant

Reach new customers and increase your restaurant margins with our virtual kitchen based in the Carmel metro area. Our cloud kitchen program allows you to:

  • Easily grow your revenue with online sales using your existing capacity
  • Consolidate all of your delivery apps
  • Create a new concept, branding and marketing strategy
  • Develop a specialized menu and dishes to attract new customers
  • Use existing equipment and staff with minimal investment
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Launch a New
Cloud Kitchen

Designed from the ground up to help boost the efficiency of your delivery operations: from order taking to food preparation and from dish assembly to order delivery, you’ll be able to deliver faster than your competitors and spend less.


Expand an Existing Restaurant

Invest in your customer base, rather than paying online ordering platforms for each order. Manage orders in real-time to provide a better customer experience


Our services

Delivery your way

Our offerings are flexible so you can customize them to your needs. Get started with your delivery people or connect with delivery people.

Boost your visibility

Stand out with in-app marketing to reach even more customers and increase sales. Be seen like never before and exposed to different areas.

Connect with customers

Turn customers into regulars with actionable data insights, respond to reviews or offer a loyalty program. Gain business that will last a lifetime.

Simple Technology

We ship each restaurant a tablet and printer to easily consolidate your online delivery orders from each delivery app. Every order is accessible at your fingertips, featuring a friendly interface that allows operators to monitor each order’s “journey” and intervene at any stage. Reduce human errors to zero and get orders ready faster. Adapting to new digital technologies helps improve and streamline your process. Our online food delivery management system captures the changes in dishes and order status, so that you can easily track your employee performance and investigate where time can be optimized even further.

The Benefits of Starting a Dark or Commissary Kitchen

Starting or expanding a restaurant in the Carmel area is expensive and time consuming. From permits to equipment to marketing, the costs can become overwhelming. We make it easy with our turnkey solution. From single cafes and restaurants to multi-brand and multi-location ghost kitchens, Forward Kitchens handles the cumbersome details from beginning to end.

Start Your Virtual Kitchen in Arroyo Grande, Grover Beach, Pismo Beach and throughout Carmel!

Forward Kitchens can help you start a new virtual restaurant or expand your existing location without all of the expenses associated with opening a traditional brick and mortar restaurant. Carmel is full of diverse restaurant choices to please every palate from many cultures in a variety of styles from dog friendly sidewalk cafes to elegant nights out. Local breweries, distillers and wine tasting rooms elevate the culinary experience. Go for the more iconic local staples like seafood and Italian, or branch out and try your hand at a more niche Italian or Indian concept. Regardless, you’ll be sure to flourish in this foodie city! Reach new customers, increase your profit margins, and streamline your processes without the need of additional staff, equipment, or complicated technology. Set up a demo today to learn how to open your own ghost restaurant in the Carmel area!

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