Becoming a GrubHub Restaurant Partner

Grubhub is one of the largest delivery platform and it allows a restaurant to offer delivery on its platform to increase its online delivery sales. Grubhub was founded in 2004 and is one of the oldest delivery platforms that now caters to tens of thousands of restaurants. Forward Kitchens can set you up with Grubhub to streamline the process and take care of everything from signing up, receiving orders, building the menu, and getting paid.

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How does it work?

Getting Started

Sign up on and fill out the form to get your restaurant on the platform or alternatively contact us and we can handle the full sign up process from start to finish.

Install Tablet

Receive a tablet from Grubhub through which you will receive your orders. You can also use fax to receive orders on Grubhub. Or, you can sign up for a tablet consolidation app that combines all delivery platforms under a single tablet. We can set this up for you.

Optimize Operations

Train your staff to prepare and package food well for better travel during delivery. Ensuring the food reaches the customer properly will lead to better reviews and higher rankings on Grubhub.

Sign Up and
Get Started

Once you sign up on Grubhub, it is important you treat delivery seriously a sit can add significant revenue to your business. By adding a delivery stream, you help pay for your fixed costs like rent, electricity, and potentially labor. Make sure to use the Grubhub restaurant manager tool well to handle cancellations, reviews, menu, and hours. If you need any help, Forward Kitchens can help you manage all your online delivery accounts. Just reach out to us here to get started!

How to Beat the

Make sure your restaurant is signed up for DashPass as it is critical for better rankings on the delivery platforms. With DashPass your customers also receive free delivery which helps you get more orders.

Schedule a photoshoot for your items as customers eat with their eyes first and it is important to have amazing food photography. Forward Kitchens can help you setup a photoshoot with the best photographers in your region.

DoorDash offers many different types of promotions to attract customers.Choose the promotions best for your menu - if you’re confused reach out to us and we can help you with choosing the promotions.

Take the Stress Out of Managing GrubHub with Forward Kitchens

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