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Becoming successful on these delivery platforms is hard and cumbersome. Use Forward’s software and automate management of all delivery platforms with intelligent menu pricing, smart menu descriptions, menu structure, financial reporting, chargeback handling, modern logos, and many more features.

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amazing stock photography to highlight your restaurant

Browse through our library of thousands of professional photos to see which ones best represent your dishes. You can even choose different types of plating, styling, and preperation style to fit your restaurant’s look. All this without having to bring in a photographer and spend an entire day doing shoots.

Intelligent Item pricing & Menu structure

Our artificial intelligence software analyzes competitor pricing and consumer preferences to find the best possible price for your items. Additionally, it also restructures your menu to ensure you get the highest average order size possible.

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restaurant worker using a POS system

Rich item descriptions and names

We also use software to fill your menu with rich menu descriptions and item names. This helps customers understand what’s in the dish as well as make your menu more attractive to order from.

AUTOMATED Chargeback handling & Financial reporting

Save thousands of dollars a year in chargeback handling. Often times, your restaurant will cook the dish correctly and prepare it for pickup but the delivery driver will mess up or for some reason the customer doesn’t receive the right order. We use software to dispute these cancellations that are taken out of your paycheck and win back this money for you.

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