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A restaurant is only as successful as its menu. You can have the best cooks in the world, but if your food isn't catering to your audience, your ability to make a profit goes down the tubes! The same goes for overstuffed menus or imbalanced ingredients that do nothing but eat into your bottom line.

It doesn't matter whether you have an entire dine-in establishment or multiple virtual restaurants. Having a well-designed menu optimized to your business needs, you can't reach your full potential.

If your menu needs an overhaul, turn to Forward Kitchens

Our menu engineering and design service is a game-changer that can take your restaurant to new heights! We do more than shift things around. At Forward Kitchens, our experts use a systematic approach to streamline operations, maximize profits, and market your brand.

here’s how

Identify Your Most Profitable Items

Do your customers spend a ton of time figuring out what they want?

Maybe they miss out on popular dishes or focus too much on one section of your offerings instead of diving into the good stuff. Contrary to what you might think, it's not always good to hear "I don't know" when taking orders! It could mean you have a density issue.

Many restaurants offer far too many items

There's nothing wrong with having a decent amount of variety. In fact, a rich menu can give happy patrons an excuse to come back and try more!

However, there's a delicate balance between having a concise menu full of items your customers can't decide between and offering everything but the kitchen sink!

At Forward Kitchens, we determine your most profitable items and build your menu from there

It's about figuring out what your customers love and what makes you money.

One important thing to remember is that profitability isn't the same as popularity. You could have an ultra-popular dish that earns you rave reviews. But if it costs an arm and a leg to produce, you're not making enough profit to justify having it on the menu. We'll get into ingredient costing later.

By looking at the overall profitability
of each item,

we can determine which ones are well-liked and supportive of your bottom line. Then, we can condense the menu and eliminate the fluff. The goal is to make ordering less intimidating and offer a myriad of items that keep your customers coming back for more.

cost your ingredients

As a restaurant owner, you're all too familiar with how razor-thin profit margins can be

It's hard enough getting into the red. Staying there and making a profit is a monumental undertaking. But with the help of Forward Kitchens, you can generate more revenue than ever before.Forward Kitchens does in-depth menu costing. This process involves figuring out what every item on your menu takes to produce. It's an arduous task, but it's necessary to determine profitability.

We have to look at the cost of raw ingredients and them up to see how much dishes cost to make

That includes everything from prime cuts of meat to those few splashes of oil!

Menu costing lets us adjust your menu to provide a nice balance. Successful menus don't focus on one side of the price scale. They offer multiple price points and varying profitability.

Balance is critical here. Low-profit dishes can be your show-stoppers

They're the top-dollar culinary delights that people occasionally splurge on during special occasions. These orders don't come often, but they cost a lot to make when they do.

Because the profitability of those items is low, you have to make up the difference elsewhere. That's where the high-profit dishes come in. Having a mix of profitability ensures that you're always making money regardless of what people order.

add quality

Of course, you can't have a well-designed menu without impressive visuals

Humans are highly visual creatures, and sound design can leave a lasting impression.

It's not necessarily about photos. There's nothing wrong with having pictures on your menu to illustrate dishes and help people decide what's appealing. But the visual aspects of your menu go far beyond photos.

We're talking about the overall branding!

It's the theme of your menu and how it connects to the restaurant's identity.
Our design experts know how vital branding is to your restaurant's marketability. The menu is one of the first things your patrons see, so it needs to pack a big punch while being memorable enough to stand out in your customer's minds.

You don't have to worry about the aesthetics. The designers at Forward Kitchens will take the reins, creating standout menus that look amazing no matter what.

Use Data to Drive Revenue

Have you ever considered how science and data play into menu design?

Researchers have spent a surprising amount of time understanding how people view visual media. It seems so arbitrary at first glance. But believe it or not, there are some unique tricks to play with the mind and encourage specific decision-making in restaurant menus!

Data suggests that people focus on a few critical areas of the page

While everyone is different, people typically use a distinct pattern of eye movements to view menu offerings. It's known as the "Golden Triangle."

Essentially, the eyes start at the middle of the page before moving to the top right corner and shifting to the top left corner.
At Forward Kitchens, we use that psychological data to your advantage. We place high-profit items in the Golden Triangle to ensure that your patrons see them first!

That's just one of the many tricks we use

We also use color to convey certain moods, visual tricks to highlight essential menu items, and more. Our team has mastered the art of strategic design, and we use data to ensure that your menu is as appealing to the masses as possible.

Create Compelling Descriptions

When creating a menu, it's not just the visuals and overall aesthetics that influence customers

How you describe your culinary masterpieces matters, and we here at Forward Kitchens know how to paint a picture with words.

person holding a restaurant menu with a drink in their hand

Many modern restaurants don't have photos of the dishes

A photo-less layout provides a more elegant look and focuses on minimal design aesthetics. But without those pictures, you have to go the extra mile to describe your food in great detail.

Contrary to popular belief, over-the-top language isn't the best course of action. Hyperbole, fluff, and cheesy verbiage can have the opposite effect of what you want. It makes things more confusing and can even make your brand look inauthentic.

That's certainly something you want to avoid!

It's all about being descriptive and enticing. Use words to paint a picture and get your patrons salivating!

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Those are just a handful of examples that show what Forward Kitchens can do. The concept of ghost kitchens and virtual restaurants is still relatively new, but Forward Kitchens knows how to take full advantage of its possibilities.

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